Chris grew up with a typical middle class lifestyle, in a typical middle class neighborhood. His life has been a good, comfortable one, but like anyone else, he has had his share of hardships and obstacles to overcome. This background has helped shape the artist Chris is.


Chris is a young man who loves life and the world, he is optimistic and has a positive outlook, despite any setbacks he has endured. This attitude and his experiences have given him the ability to connect with people from all walks of life through his music and personal encounters. His mission is to stay true to who he is and offer the world his perspective. He wants to be an artist rooted in old school rap, while exploring and creating new school music for everyone to enjoy.


Every artist strives or claims to be unique. Chris isn't trying to be that, he is simply being himself. He is writing and performing music that he understands. Music that to him feels good, feels right, and is an exploration of his thoughts, hopes and fears. He’s simply adding his voice for our youth. There are currently more 22 year olds than baby boomers and more children of mixed heritage than ever in American history. Chris is a representation of this generation. With a support team behind him, and his talent boundless, Chris is in a good place. He relates to the idea that music is about how it makes the listener feel and he is ready to share his music with the world.

C.I.G - The Beginning NOW AVAILABLE

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